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There is SO MUCH to be learned from these 3 interview transcripts — in fact, there are practically always amazing insights from these icons in natural health and wellness who have made it their mission to help heal the world!

In this 31-page document, you’ll learn about:

  • “How to Eat like an Ageless Goddess” with Dr. Christiane Northrup
  • “Resetting Your Hormones” with Dr. Sara Gottfried
  • “PMS, PCOS and Postpartum: A Woman’s Guide to Depression” with Alisa Vitti

Here are some astonishing quotes from the interviews:

Christiane Northrup, MD
“When you’re eating high-carbohydrate foods or foods that become glucose quickly—anything that’s refined, anything that’s high fructose corn syrup—you’re going to get inflammatory chemicals throughout your body. And cellular inflammation is the root cause of all chronic degenerative disease. So women actually believe, ‘Oh well, I’m 50. So it’s normal to have high blood pressure. It’s normal to be diabetic, have arthritis.’ This is not a natural thing. You can get better.”

Sara Gottfried, MD
“As little as three servings of alcohol a week is associated with an increased risk of breast cancer. That was proven in a huge JAMA study in 2011. We know that alcohol raises your bad estrogens. And I’m not saying you’ve got to give up alcohol for the rest of your life. But periodically I think you need to detox. You need to kind of reset the receptors in your body, lower your estrogen levels, get it back into balance, and let your liver kind of have a little vacation. That’s an important part of resetting estrogen.”

Alisa Vitti

“Although we’re given these different diagnoses—PCOS, fibroids—the underlying cause, what’s not working in the body, is almost identical. Here’s really what’s going on: we have elevated levels of estrogen that are disrupting the hormonal cascade that regulates the cycle. We have micronutrient deficiencies in the diet. What young woman has not tried some calorie-restrictive diet where she’s also eliminating entire food groups to try to modify her body? This has real repercussions on brain chemistry and hormonal chemistry.”

As you can see, these transcripts are full of worthwhile perspectives and protocols of the trade, so I hope you’ll take a moment to download them today.

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Meet Your Host

Véronique Desaulniers, DC

Véronique Desaulniers, DC

Dr. Véronique Desaulniers, better known as Dr. V, is the founder of Breast Cancer Conqueror® and the 7 Essentials System®, and is co-founder of My Breast Friend™. Her signature process has empowered thousands of women in over 56 countries around the world. Her mission is to “save lives, one breast at a time.”

Dr. V has personally conquered breast cancer twice, which gives her an empathetic perspective to understand other women facing a healing journey.

Her signature book, Heal Breast Cancer Naturally, is a #1 Amazon Best Seller in 10 categories and in 5 countries. Dr. V has been featured in the world-renowned Truth About Cancer Docu-series and TTAC LIVE stages as well as many summits and podcasts.

Special Guest

Diane Kazer, FDNP

Diane Kazer, FDNP

A pro soccer player turned functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner, courage coach and holistic beauty expert, Diane Kazer has been through many health struggles and, with empathy and fierce leadership, is your go-to girl to break through anything, no matter what you've tried or what you've been told.

An intuitive healer, she is the author of Killer Breasts, A Step by Step Guide to Overcoming Breast Implant Illness, producer of the Non Toxic Beauty Summit and creator of Cleanse, Heal, Ignite  a program which helps women use the power of intuition to discover their inner healer by providing them life-long tools to reverse autoimmune disease, breast implant illness, hormonal imbalances, chronic pain, gut infections, emotional trauma and perfectionism. Her mission is to educate and empower irrationally passionate women leaders with safer beauty, body and breast solutions, from products and procedures to diet and detox, so they can age gracefully and holistically with the energy and vitality they need to step into their power, speak their voice and spark their purpose!